Mondays and Wednesdays 5:35pm-6:35pm

Right now classes are limited to 2 days per week and we are not accepting guests/buddies or drop-ins. We are also limited these classes to 10 children per class. If these two class times fill, we will put you on a waiting list for future dates. You can purchase classes a month at a time, and we offer two options. Option 1 is one class per week @$100 per month and Option 2 is 2 classes per week @$144 per month.

How this all works:

Please don’t arrive more than 5 minutes before class time as we have to clean and sanitize between each class for that day.

These classes are drop off only, we will not have seating inside for parents. (sorry). You are welcome to wait in your vehicle or drop and pick up at the end of class.

We have a small State provided questionnaire to be answered, temperature check, and hand sanitizer prior to class.

Masks must be worn during class, and if mask breaks are needed we will have an area in front of our building petitioned off for fresh air breaks. (we have two huge garage doors that we will also have open as much as possible.

Coaches also have the same rules to follow.

Anyone with a temp, or cough cannot take class.

We know this is very different than before. We all have to make some adjustments, but we are thankful just to be able to open on a limited basis.


Call or Text

 If you have any questions please feel free to contact Tonya at 401-500-5399

Our new location is:

Coastal Ninja Warriors 337 Main Street, Ashaway RI 02804