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Tonya Lavender

Coach Tonya, a visionary behind our cutting-edge ninja gym, brings a level of expertise and dedication that is second to none. 

Coach Tonya holds a rank of 4th degree black belt in the martial arts and exemplifies the pinnacle of martial arts skill and discipline. Over the years Coach Tonya has competed in many obstacle course races, which spurred an interest in designing an indoor facility for all ages and skill levels. 

As the proud co-owner of a state-of-the-art Ninja gym, Coach Tonya has helped create a dynamic space for individuals of all ages and skill levels to challenge themselves, conquer obstacles and tap into their inner ninja. 


cold, smooth & tasty.

Dakota Lavender

Coach Dakota, a seasoned Ninja Warrior coach with a 3rd degree black belt in martial arts, is here to guide you on your path to excellence! 

He brings a wealth of knowledge and discipline to our training sessions. Coach Dakota not only mastered martial arts but also tackled numerous obstacle course races. His experience translates into valuable insight for our students. Most of our obstacles and challenges were designed by Coach Dakota, a true visionary in the ninja warrior community. 

What truly sets Coach Dakota apart is his incredible ability to connect with kids of all ages. With a background in educating martial arts students and a love for teaching, he creates a fun, supportive, and motivating environment for young ninjas to thrive.

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Luke Bilotto

Meet Coach Luke, who is a black belt in the martial arts as well as a senior in high school at Prout (on honor roll!!) and a coach at Coastal Ninja Warriors. Luke not only teaches at coastal ninja, but also competes in indoor and outdoor track at his high school,  plays tennis as well has many other activities/clubs with his high school. 

What truly sets Coach Luke apart is his passion for teaching. He has embraced the role of a Ninja Warrior Coach as Coastal Ninja Warriors, where he inspires and guides students of all ages to push their boundaries, learn and conquer the ninja course. Coach Luke has been training in the martial arts since age 4 and began his ninja warrior journey competing in the Boldrdash at age 7. He has since competed in several obstacle course races and . You will also see Coach Luke running some of our weekly summer camp sessions. His patience and understanding with children is extraordinary for a young person. 

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