About Us:

We are an indoor ninja warrior obstacle course, that is now in located at 337 Main Street, Ashaway RI 02808. Every obstacle has been crafted to be challenging,  but not impossible as all obstacles have to be completed by at least one member of our staff before we allow it to be used. This is both to see if it can be done, and to ensure safety prior to public use of our course. The obstacle course is open on Saturdays and Sundays every week! You will need to follow the “Buy Now” link to book your time and day. We only allow 15 people at a time on the course to ensure safety and to allow the children max. amount of time on each obstacle. We offer group pricing, birthday parties, and gift certificates too! Don’t wait go book your space now and invite your friends! Their are two courses inside our building, one is our Intermediate Course, and the other is our Advanced Course.


Safety and fun for everyone are our two biggest concerns, as such any breaking of the following rules can and will result in you/ your child being asked to leave.

  • Please wear comfortable clothing. Only closed toe athletic shoes permitted.

  • Clean shoes MUST be carried along in a bag and not worn to the facility.

  • One person on an obstacle at a time.

  • Proper use of equipment as instructed by our staff is required. (A quick introductory lesson will be given prior to anyone being allowed to use the course.)

  • Please be respectful of staff and other course-goers. Teasing/ bullying will NOT be tolerated!


Parking is located in front of our building and to the side of our building. Plenty of spots here at our new location in Ashaway, RI!