About Us:

We are an indoor ninja warrior obstacle course, that is located at 337 Main Street, Ashaway RI 02804. Every obstacle has been crafted to be challenging,  but not impossible.

The obstacle course is currently open on a limited for classes, open gym times, group events and parties. We offer two classes per week for children age 6-12 on Mondays and Wednesdays from 535-635. All children must be registered for a class before coming in. We do have limited seating for parents to come in the watch their child(ren). We are not requiring children to wear masks at this time. However, we leave it up to the parents if you would prefer your child wear one.

Open gym times are by appointment only and you must call or text at least 2 days prior to book. We do not have teen adult class offerings at this time; however, we do have private open gym times available. Just call to book a time.

We only allow 15 people at a time on the course to ensure safety and to allow the children max. amount of time on each obstacle. We offer group pricing, birthday parties, and gift certificates too! Don’t wait, call or text to book your space now and invite your friends! Our course currently has beginner and intermediate obstacles complete! Along with 3 warped walls, beginner 8ft, intermediate 11ft and advanced Monster wall 16ft!

Advanced obstacles to be added summer 2022.


Safety and fun for everyone are our two biggest concerns, as such any breaking of the following rules can and will result in you/ your child being asked to leave.

  • Please wear comfortable clothing. Only closed toe athletic shoes permitted.
  • Clean shoes MUST be carried along in a bag and not worn to the facility.
  • One person on an obstacle at a time.
  • Proper use of equipment as instructed by our staff is required. (A quick introductory lesson will be given prior to anyone being allowed to use the course.)
  • Please be respectful of staff and other course-goers. Teasing/ bullying will NOT be tolerated!


Parking is located in front of our building and to the side of our building. Plenty of spots here at our new location in Ashaway, RI!