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10 weeks of Obstacle Course Adventure Camp   Ages 5-12

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Summer Camp Sign Up

Choose from 1-10 weeks of camp!

1st week is June 17th and Last week is August 19th. 

 July 1st week is a short week as we are closed July 4th. Price reflects the 4 day week. 

****Current Members text 401-500-5399 for member discount code!!!****

Early Bird Pricing Ends March 31st

  • Free Refillable Water Bottle For All Campers
  • Snacks Included
  • 8AM - 3PM Monday Through Friday
  • Extended day available...
  1. Safety First: Prioritize safety at all times. Follow the instructions of our trained coaches, and refrain from reckless behavior or attempts beyond your skill level.
  2. Listen to Coaches: Respect our coaches' guidance. They are here to help you learn proper techniques, improve your skills, and prevent injuries.
  3. Absolutely NO electronic devices. That includes cell phone, games, computers etc. No exceptions and items will be collected and put away if your child is found to have one at camp.
  4. No bullying behavior and no using profanity. We reserve the right to dismiss any student for use of violence, bullying behavior or using profanity. 
  5. Have fun!!!

Note: Coastal Ninja Warrior will dismiss any child that is found to be abusive in any way towards other campers and or staff. Please preframe your child before coming to camp. We want every child to feel they are having a wonderful, fun, safe experience with us in the summer!

To ensure you're fully prepared for the challenges that await, here's a quick packing checklist. Make sure to pack clean sneakers that provide the grip and support needed to conquer the obstacle course. Refuel during breaks with a packed lunch and your favorite snacks to keep your energy levels up. Stay hydrated and focused by bringing a refillable water bottle – an essential companion throughout your ninja adventures. Each child receives 1 refillable bottle per summer!! Get ready to unleash your inner warrior and tackle the obstacles with confidence and determination!

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